Esta-express.ru: how to use our service?

  • What is Esta-express.ru?

    Esta-express.ru — is your personal mail address in Asia.

  • Why do you need Esta-express.ru?

    Esta-express.ru is needed to make purchases in the largest online stores or from vendors who work in Asia, where the prices are more favorable comparing to Russia - the difference in price can be up to 80%. Many of the Asian vendors and online stores do not work directly with Russian buyers or charge a lot for shipment to Russia. Esta-express.ru gives you the opportunity to save money not only on the price of goods, but also on its delivery.

  • How much does it cost to receive a personal mail address Esta-express.ru?

    It’s free. You get the mail address for free immediately after registration at the web site.

  • How my mail address will look like?

    Mail address will include index, street name and house number, city and district. Also you will be assigned a 6-digit ID, which might be required when you make a purchase as the address of the apartment. And for us, ID - is the number of your deposit box from our warehouse where we will store your purchases and prepare them for shipping.

Purchase and handling of the parcels in stock Esta-express.ru

  • Where can I find the mail address Esta-express.ru that I can use to shop online?

    Your personal mail address can be found in your account. ID, which is used as a room apartment, can be found in the user profile.

  • What goods can be ordered online? What goods are allowed for delivery to the Customs Union?

    All except forbidden items. Their list is posted in the "Terms of delivery." Be careful!

  • How do I know that my order came to your warehouse?

    We will leave a notification in your personal account, and if you configured SS-notification – will send order information to a specified number.

  • If I did have a few orders how can I track their status?

    All of your purchases that have already come to our warehouse and waiting to be sent, seen in your account in the Applications section.

  • How do I know that I got exactly the product that I paid for?

    When receiving an order at our warehouse, we first verify the integrity of the parcel, then, if everything is fine, open the mail package and compare the received product with its description in the consignment. If necessary, we can check the complete set of the product and its performance (see "Services and Rates") - for example, in the case of purchase of equipment.

Preparing parcels to be sent to the territory of the Customs Union

  • Do we pack the goods before sending them to the territory of the Customs Union?

    Yes, to pack the goods we use vacuum packaging technology. Note: Due to the technology weight of this parcel after packaging may increase or decrease relative to initially claimed. If the increase is more than 10%, we may ask you to pay the difference. To reduce the weight of the parcel, you can get rid of the original package.

  • Where will I get my parcel?

    Our courier will deliver the parcel to the address you provided.

  • What determines the cost of delivery?

    That is standardized. The weight of your parcel and its declared value: the more it weights, the more it will cost for the shipment. However, in some cases, the cost of a delivery is calculated on the basis of the volumetric weight of the shipment if it exceeds the actual weight of your purchase.

    For example, you have purchased from the online store huge soft toy - teddy bear. The parcel used to send the to Russia will not weight very much, but it will take a lot of space in transport. This way, before the shipment we will have to calculate what number is bigger volumetric or actual one? To do this, use the following formula: three dimensions of the parcel (width, height and length) are multiplied in inches and divided by 6000.

    Returning to the example with the bear. Suppose he weights 10 kg, its dimensions are 100 cm x 50 cm x 20 cm according to the formula, the volumetric weight of the parcel is 17 kg. This is the number to be used for calculating the cost of delivery.

  • Can I order a delivery not to a home address but somewhere else (for example, if I order a gift)?

    Of course you can. In a personal account you can specify up to nine shipping addresses, and when you enter the first letters of the necessary address system will fill in the necessary data for you.

  • Can I order a delivery not to a one address but to several addresses at once?

    Yes, of course. In this case we will disperse your order - break it down to specific positions, so you can choose for each position your shipping address

  • How long does a delivery go to the Customs Union?

    Standard delivery usually takes 7 to 15 calendar days from the date of confirmation of the application for sending a parcel by employee of Esta-express.ru.

  • Can I request expedited shipping?

    Yes, we have an expedited delivery service - with it the time of the delivery of goods is reduced to 5-7 calendar days after confirmation of the application for sending a parcel by employee of Esta-expess.ru.

  • What if at the time of a parcel delivery I will not be in town?

    If you know for sure when you get back, a parcel can be delivered at that date.

  • How do I know where is my parcel at the moment?

    In personal account in the Applications section you can always check the status of your shipments.

Customs regulations

  • I made ​​a purchase from a private seller and he did not provide me any checks. Will my parcel pass the customs?

    Yes, but in this case the customs value of the goods will determine the customs inspector in person, on the basis of prices for similar goods. Accordingly, the customs value of the goods (and hence the customs duty) may be higher than necessary.

  • Is it possible to pass customs clearance without paying any fees?

    Yes, if your purchases fit in the limit: within the calendar month the total value of the parcels shall not exceed 1,000 euros, and their weight shall not exceed 31 kg.

  • How is the amount of customs payment calculated when the monthly limit is exceeded?

    If you exceed the limit, you will have to pay a customs duty - 30 % of the cost of the parcel or 4 euros per 1 kg of weight in excess of the value or weight limit. That is, if the parcel stays within the allowable amount, but weights more than 31 kg, you will have to pay 4 euros for each kilogram above the limit. For example, if the parcel weights 37 kg then you will have to pay 37 kg - 31 kg = 6 kg x 4 per kg = 24 euro. If the weight of the parcel does not exceed the limit, but the declared value is more than 1000 euros, the 30 % duty has to be paid on the excess amount. For example, if the cost of the parcel is 1150 euros then customs duty is 1150 euro - 1000 euro = 150 euro x 30 % = 45 euros. If the limit is exceeded in both weight and value then the excess is calculated for both indicators and the customs payment is paid at the highest excess. Payment is made in rubles at the exchange rate ruling at the date of calculation.

  • How to avoid exceeding the limit on duty-free preferential customs clearance?

    You can take advantage of deconsolidation, i.e. separation of the parcel into parts: part of the order we will forward this month, another part next month. This service is completely free.

  • What documents are required for sending a parcel to the Customs Union?

    As a general rule for parcels, the total value of which exceeds 200 euros, following documents are required: scan of the passport ** - without the scan it is impossible to declare the parcel at customs. Second, the documents confirming the fact of payment for the goods: a copy of the sales receipt, account statement (when paying by credit card), an extract from the online account (in case of payment by electronic money). They are needed to confirm the declared value of the goods at the customs clearance. Furthermore, according to the Customs Code of the Customs Union, the customs inspector has the right to request other documents in the process of passing the parcel through customs.

  • * Physical address – the physical address provided on terms of the Contract and based on the location of the storage areas of the Site.

    ** According to the article 356 of the Customs Code of the Customs Union, the customs declaration procedure needs identification document.

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